Re: Restarting DVSwitch Services


Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I understand how to select the server in dvs menus.

The servers I have defined under the “Change Default DMR Server” are as follows.

1. Brandmeister




The servers I am currently using are 1 and 3.

What I have observed is that after selecting 1 (Brandmeister), restarting services via the "dvs" menu “Restart DVSwitch Services” or using the “Drop Dynamic TGs” in the DVSM App, the DMR server always returns to the “HB_GB_FreeDMR_DMO” server.

After further inspection, following “Restart DVSwitch Services” or using the “Drop Dynamic TGs”, the server is set to the address defined in the MMDVM_Bridge.ini file (see extract below).

[DMR Network]



I am not sure if this is an issue now DVSwitch server is in “Advanced Macro Configuration” mode, since I initially noticed the issue when using the “Drop Dynamic TGs” in the DVSM App.

It seems that the MMDVM_Bridge.ini is not updated with the selected server address, but I am not sure if this was the case or not prior to switching to the “Advanced Macro Configuration” mode.

This is not a major issue since now I know what is happening, I can manually switch server following a restart of the services.



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