Re: Restarting DVSwitch Services

Steve N4IRS

There are two ways to switch servers:
1: edit MMDVM_Bridge.ini and restart MMDVM_Bridge
2: With a tune command: "password@server:port:options"
TGIF = "passw0rd@...:62031"
Brandmeister = "passw0rd@...:62031"
DMR_PLUS = "passw0rd@...:55555:StartRef=4649;RelinkTime=60;UserLink=1"

Hope this helps,
Steve N4IRS

On 12/28/20 6:56 AM, g8ptn@... wrote:

Hi Steve, 

After investigating further, the issue only occurs when switching server using the DVSM App.

Switching server in the “dvs” menu updates the MMDVM_Bridge.ini file with the selected address, but not when making the selection using DVSM App.



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