Hotspot Audio for C4FM Very loud and distorted.

Frank C. D'Amato - KB2MXV

I have DVswitch setup DMR>Analog. It pushes a DMR TG to my Hamvoip Allstar node (2 seperate Pi's).

When I talk on the analog radio, the audio sounds great coming out of my DMR radio connected to a Openspot (Both ver 1&2).

If I put my openspot modem to C4FM (to use my yaesu rado in DN mode), and connect to the TG that my DVswitch is transmitting to, the audio sounds very distorted and loud.

Anyone else have this problem?

Using the same setup C4FM to DMR on the openspots sound great on the yeasu radio, The problem is only there on the TG the DVswitch is pushing the analog audio to.

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