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Steve N4IRS

Since you already have AB and MB installed, "adding" DVSwitch Server would pretty much be the same thing at this time. It pretty much comes down to you have one Analog_Bridge. That AB can service ASL or the clients (Android, Python) Once we release the Analog_Reflector and the HTML client, that changes, a little. With Analog_Reflector, Android, Python, HTML and ASL can share that Analog_Bridge. The operative word he is share. You can't have ASL routed to DMR while you talk on NXDN, You still have one AB. You can have ASL, Android and HTML all connected to the same digital network (and TG) at the same time.

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Steve N4IRS  

On 12/31/20 4:50 PM, Steve Siesel [K4KSA] wrote:

I want to add DVSwitch Server to my system.


Currently I have ASL along with Analog Bridge and MMDVM Bridge in one Raspberry Pi. Can I add DV Switch Server in here as well? Once installed would DVSwitch Server handle the ASL<>DMR that is currently being handled now along with using the Android app and other products that are coming? Would I get the DVSwitch-System-Builder from GitHub to accomplish this?


I also noticed the complete image for DVSwitch as well, but want to know if by using DVSwitch-System-Builder it would work on my existing Raspberry Pi.



Thank You and Have a good New Year!






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