Re: One Way Traffic ASL to YSF

Steve N4IRS

AB should be sending to the IP of the AllStar node not You can post the USRP section and the rxchannel so we can check it.

On 12/31/20 10:11 PM, Jay wrote:
My USRP stanza in AB.ini is exactly the default.

I have my YSF on Private Node 1994 and the rpt.conf for node 1994 is the default layout with the exception that it points my Cloud Server (I have tried it with a local server also).  The  appropriate field is:   rxchannel = 

Netstat -umap shows the Cloud Server's AB is sending to  Netstat on the Allstar box shows Asterisk listening on 32004.  I can send audio from Asterisk all the way through to the YSF Reflector.  Audio from the YSF Reflector seems to get all the way back to the AB side of the DVSwitch Server, which is supposed to be outputting on 32004.

I have bee struggling with the thought that I have a port issue.  I opened 30000- 39000.  No difference.  I put the Asterisk box in the DMZ.  No change.

I set up a ASL to DMR Private Node changing the ports to 34003 and 32003.  Exact same results.  I of course edited the AB.ini and MB.ini files appropriately for ports and mode, and I am running 2 copies of md380-emu.

I see only only odd think and it should not make a difference, but when AB is seeing incoming traffic to pass to ASL, it shows "Begin TX: src=1234567 rpt=0 dst=1234 slot=2 call=W4ABC", where W4ABC is the call of the transmitting station.

I have run out of ideas, unless Asterisk does not like those ports. and is ignoring them, but as Netstat shows, it does open them.

jb  N4NQY


jb   N4NQY

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