Re: One Way Traffic ASL to YSF


Ok, had not gone there.  I see the logic.  So I really need a static IP for the Allstar node to insure it does not change.  I can do that.

I assumed that ASL's rpt.conf file should point to the IP address of the DVSWitch Server (off premise).  AB was hearing traffic coming from ASL just fine so I "assumed" that if AB was sending traffic to its local port that was where ASL was getting it from (since ASL knew where to send traffic?).  It sounds like ASL should always send and receive to and AB needs the address of the ASL Node to fetch and send traffic.

address =                     ; IP address of USRP partner (Allstar/Asterisk or another Analog_Bridge)
txPort = 32004                          ; Transmit USRP frames on this port
rxPort = 34004                          ; Listen for USRP frames on this port
usrpAudio = AUDIO_UNITY                 ; Audio to ASL (AUDIO_UNITY, AUDIO_USE_AGC, AUDIO_USE_GAIN)
usrpGain = 1.00                         ; Gain (in db) of the AGC filter
tlvAudio = AUDIO_UNITYNNN               ; Audio from ASL (AUDIO_UNITY, AUDIO_USE_GAIN, AUDIO_BPF)
tlvGain = 0.35                          ; Gain factor of audio from ASL (0.0-1.0)

[1994]                                  ; YSF
rxchannel = USRP/  ; Use the USRP channel driver. Must be enabled in modules.conf
                                        ; = IP of the DVSwitch Server
                                        ; 34004 = UDP port the target application is listening on
                                        ; 32004 = UDP port ASL is listening on
duplex = 0                              ; 0 = Half duplex with no telemetry tones or hang time. Ah, but$
hangtime = 0                            ; squelch tail hang time 0
althangtime = 0                         ; longer squelch tail hang time 0
holdofftelem = 1                        ; Hold off all telemetry when signal is present on receiver or $
                                        ; except when an ID needs to be done and there is a signal comi$
telemdefault = 0                        ; 0 = telemetry output off. Don't send Allison to DMR !!!!!!!!!$
telemdynamic = 0                        ; 0 = disallow users to change the local telemetry setting with$
linktolink = no                         ; disables forcing physical half-duplex operation of main repea$
                                        ; still keeping half-duplex semantics (optional)
nounkeyct = 1                           ; Set to a 1 to eliminate courtesy tones and associated delays.
tx_timeout = 180000                     ; transmit time-out time (in ms) (optional, default 3 minutes 1$
idrecording = |ie                       ; id recording or morse string see$
idtalkover = |ie                        ; Talkover ID (optional) default is none see$
connpgm=/usr/local/sbin/supermon/smlogger 1  ; use this line for Supermon
discpgm=/usr/local/sbin/supermon/smlogger 0  ; use this line for Supermon

jb   N4NQY

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