Re: Interface Icom D-Star repeater to DVSwitch?

lloyd Duck

It’s was changed awhile back to work correctly the RP2C when selected as the modem. Even does a virtual Nic to allow the pi-star to talk to the RP2C when both are plugged into the same LAN network “switch or router”. It’s very user friendly to setup now thanks to Andrew. All settings are done from the configuration page. 

Lloyd Duck, W5LND

On Jan 1, 2021, at 9:27 AM, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:

 Unless Pi-Star ha modified ircDDBGateway, the version of ircDDBGateway should be the same. Of course, you will have to edit the ircDDBGateway config by hand. /etc/ircddbgateway

On 1/1/21 10:23 AM, Ken KE2N via wrote:
With Pi Star, you can specify repeater type 1 in the gateway configure and it will talk to an ID RP2C repeater controller and any attached ICOM DSTAR repeater(s).   I run that here on 2 meters. 

So if DVS has the same gateway software as Pi Star (?) it might work. So the question is: Does the DVS DSTAR Gateway support repeater type 1 (meaning the RP2C interface)?

This is of interest to me since (maybe) I could replace my Pi Star gateway with DVS and its DSTAR Gateway and then have bridging options in the same box.


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