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The reason you don’t see me getting too involved in connecting to Brandmeister is that, when I first released HBLink, Brandmeister had prohibited the use of HBlink to connect to their servers/network. I know many folks do it. And I have never heard anything more from Brandmeister on it. But please be aware, the last thing I did hear was that this was not allowed.

On Feb 4, 2018, at 3:34 AM, Veijo Arponen, OH3NFC <oh3nfc@...> wrote:


Communication with BM servers works despite of the error I have reported on this issue. I was just testing HB Conference Bridge and I got it work. Time has passed but I may have the configuration somewhere on my test computer. I'll check and send it as a reference if you don't get your system working. In my system was connected two SharkRF openSPOTs and there were three separate client connections to BrandMeister servers in Finland, Sweden and Hungary.

Please reply to this message or directly to me if you are willing to have my config files as reference.

73 de Veijo OH3NFC

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