Re: Location of the P25Gateway


On 5/1/21 3:12 pm, Jay wrote:
Trying to put my P25 Reflector in the Cloud.  Does the P25Gateway have
to be on the same server as the reflector?  When I try to start the
P25Reflector without a local gateway, it throws a Gateway error
refering to the log files.  There is no P25Gateway on that server.  it
is on a local box along with the MMDVM_Bridge, etc.
No, P25Gateway does not need to be on the same host as the reflector.  I
run P25Gateway on the same system as DVSwitch.  P25Reflector runs on a
separate server.

So should I move the P25Gateway to the Cloud server or make some other

No, should be fine.  Just have to make sure that P25Gateway can reach
the reflector (whether public or private).

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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