Re: Location of the P25Gateway

Steve N4IRS

Sure, you can test on port 43166 Dashboard at <> That's what it's there for.

Are you sure that it was P25 wide or narrow? Not YSF? URL?

On 1/6/2021 8:12 AM, Jay wrote:
It is properly in the "Private" P25Hosts.txt.  Path to it is good.  Hotspot links to it but does not stay connected.  May be a clue. Checked ports again.  Studying the posts I find that P25Gateway probably does not tell you when it receives traffic.  Nor are there really any error messages.  It may be ok and the problem at the reflector, but there is so little to configure at the reflector.  It does however seem to not be seeing traffic from the Gateway machine.  Ports??  The look open.

Next step is reconfigure to go to a known good reflector (DVSwitch Test?).  ?That will narrow down the location of the error.  Just wish there were a few more error messages.  After this I am going to try to document my eventual success.

BTW I came across a post concerning adding txPortN and rxPortN, etc to the ini file to allow both Wide and Narrow P25.  Did that ever come to pass?  Curious, Wide is all I really want.



jb   N4NQY

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