Re: Hytera DMR Gateway


Ok gentle men. I watched the video above. I build the jessie light PI as he described. I added the two Hytera gateway folders as he described?
(BUT) at the end of his video he quickly mentions a blurb about he connected it to his HP or HB server?  My question to all that have a (WORKING)
gateway to their Hytera only repeater? but not through any other stuff like BM or cbridge. would you help us all by?
Telling us how you personally did it.
1 what flavor of linux.
2 did you use the Hytera GW files from the video ? if not what did you use?
3 is your PI linked either by LAN or WAN to the Hytera directly with out other servers and devices in slave mode?
4 are you using dvswitch / hblink or some other software package?
5 what version of firmware AND what model Hytera are you using?
6 what software are you using on your PC or phone to connect to the mmdvm network? To talk to the network?
Please only respond if YOU have a WORKING system! We don't need anyone speculating their thoughts that (MAY OR MAY NOT) work.
I think we all want to tweak the wheel not re invent it from scratch.

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