Re: Hytera DMR Gateway


Ok if I start from scratch? What do you suggest I use to get a system up and running?
the goal is to have several Hyteras linked together. Then I wish to connect a cell phone app to that network AND have the little mmdvm radios connected to it all? I believe some of you have the HYT and the bridge built to the mmdvm and the rest of the world like BM and others?
My goal is to start semi small and connect HYT to (????) to mmdvm radios to a tablet or pc or cell phone? So I'm hoping to find some one that has 
built the wheel and is willing to explain to us all in the simplest terms what we have to do to get it to work? With the more current HYTERA gear or
if you have it (ALL) working on older HYT gear what firmware are you using? I can contact HYT and ask engineering for a way to downgrade the firmware back? But would prefer to use  current gear.

PI computer running IOS (???)
Then you need to install (???) this package so you can connect XXX
And so on (PLEASE) 


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