Re: Hytera DMR Gateway

Heiko DL1BZ

Please look at my post

My RD985 is running latest FW 9.xx . The latest version of gw_hytera_mmdvm (I believe the version number was 2.1) has support for the FW 9.xx, the older version was build for FW 8.xx and had some issues with FW 9.xx. The image for Pi I linked in my previous posting has the latest version 2.1 included (based on debian10/buster for Pi). All you need you will be found in this image - latest gw_hytera_mmdvm and DMRGateway. Make a SD card with this image and put it in a Pi. Again I need to say - the developer of gw_hytera_mmdvm, Kurt/OE1KBC, has stopped the development of his tool. It was closed source, that means source code was and is not available. There is no support and not a real documentary. Look in the config-file of gw_mmdvm_hytera and you will understand what you need to configure out. It's simple to understand I think. Because the gw_hytera_mmdvm is discontinued now, a new development will be work as a replacement for the discontinued gw_mmdvm_hytera, but it's only beta now. Not all is working, so the developer needs a little time for final version. I am confident that it will be an even better solution.

Yes, it is possible to connect the HYTERA repeater to a SIP system/PBX. But I don't check this option up to now. Professional radio users need such an option, so it should work I think. And if I understand it correct, you will need a SIP-PBX like Asterisk or similar SIP server. The PBX you can access with a SIP softphone app for smartphones.

Here I use Hblink as the dmr-master. The HYTERA repeaters are connected via gw_hytera_mmdvm+DMRGateway running at Pi to the Hblink. Other MMDVM-based systems are connected to the HBlink too. All works good and stable. If you have questions about gw_hytera_mmdvm and it's config I can help here. For setup a HBlink, which is much more complex you can look here and ask there please.

73 Heiko, DL1BZ

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