Can't connect to TG 3149

Roger Davies

Hi All,
For some reason, I can't connect to my state talk group 3149 (Utah) with DVSwitch Mobile. or pyUC. The connection has worked in the past. I see the DVS dashboard light up telling me that I talking on 3149, but can't hear the repeater keyup while listening on a radio (I'm in range of the repeater). When there is traffic on 3149 on the repeater, I don't hear it with DVSwitch. I can hear and talk on other talk groups, with DVS, with no problems. When I connect to 3149 with a pi-star hotspot, it works fine, meaning the repeater keys up but not hearing anything on DVS.
Things I've tried:
Updated DVSwitch Mobile to the latest version.
Updated DVSwitch using the menu option.

I've tried all I can think to fix this issue. I'm not sure where the talk group database is on DVS. Could there be an error in that database file?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Roger - N6DVZ

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