Re: Setup of a Bridge YSF to DMR - Anyone out there who can solve this mystery ? #mmdvm_bridge


Hi, I have the same set up with Uli, both RPI running on raspbian stretch lite on the same network. I did what Steve told Uli to do by pointing MMDVM_Bridge at the 2 systems you want to bridge. But it does not work. I am a newbie with regards to this things. 

Is it only on MMDVm_Bridge.ini that I have to change?
What does it mean by <-------- point this at the YSF reflector? The ip address to the YSF Reflector is, My public ip?

I downloaded this from YSF Reflector registry
07854;US-ICARE-Iloilo;ICARE Iloilo;;42002;001;
This is what I put in

Please help, Thank you

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