Re: DMRmonitor broken?

David Andrzejewski KD8TWG

I know. But I really like it, so I’ll keep poking around. I’m not sure if the problem is in the DMRLink reporting server or dmrmonitor.



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On Feb 7, 2018, at 00:04, Cort N0MJS <n0mjs@...> wrote:

DMRmonitor is not a supported application.

I don’t consider it part of DVSwitch. It’s just a repo of mine that still just a thought in progress

On Feb 6, 2018, at 8:54 PM, David Andrzejewski KD8TWG via Groups.Io <david@...> wrote:

I recently did a git pull on the dmrlink repo, and now DMRmonitor seems to be broken.  It's no longer showing calls, but the log down below is being updated.  I'm treading lightly here because I'm still learning the code, but from what I can tell, it's not receiving RCM messages from the reporting server.  I am probably wrong on that part, but it's my best educated guess.

Has something changed with regard to the reporting server portion and maybe DMRmonitor wasn't updated to support it?  I'm a professional Python developer and I'm happy to do the work if someone wants to point me in the right direction.

Also, is there a test harness for this, e.g. something that can construct and send packets, so I don't have to continually key up my repeater to test? ;)


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