Re: Need help please have issues with connecting to 1999

Steve N4IRS

You need to have 1999 in your nodes stanza or rpt.conf
Search rpt.conf for "[nodes]
1999 = radio@....0.1:4569/1999,NONE ; assuming you are using 4569 as your IAX port.

On 1/29/2021 2:57 PM, Vince Pimentel wrote:
I'm having a similar issue and found this thread via search, since the OP didn't come back figured I'd continue the thread. My issue only occurs if I need to drop 1999 for some reason and then try to reconnect to it.

My extensions.conf have a line for 1999 in the globals stanza


NODE1 = 1999; This is a private node

and rpt.conf also has a stanza


rxchannel = USRP/  ; Use the USRP channel driver. Must be enabled in modules.conf

                                        ; = IP of the target application

                                        ; 34001 = UDP port the target application is listening on

                                        ; 32001 = UDP port ASL is listening on


duplex = 0                              ; 0 = Half duplex with no telemetry tones or hang time. Ah, but $


hangtime = 0                            ; squelch tail hang time 0

althangtime = 0                         ; longer squelch tail hang time 0


holdofftelem = 1                        ; Hold off all telemetry when signal is present on receiver or f$

                                        ; except when an ID needs to be done and there is a signal comin$


telemdefault = 0                        ; 0 = telemetry output off. Don't send Allison to DMR !!!!!!!!!!$


telemdynamic = 0                        ; 0 = disallow users to change the local telemetry setting with $


linktolink = no                         ; disables forcing physical half-duplex operation of main repeat$

                                        ; still keeping half-duplex semantics (optional)


nounkeyct = 1                           ; Set to a 1 to eliminate courtesy tones and associated delays.


totime = 180000                         ; transmit time-out time (in ms) (optional, default 3 minutes 18$


idrecording = |ie                       ; id recording or morse string see$

idtalkover = |ie                        ; Talkover ID (optional) default is none see$

Is something missing from these elements or do I need to add anything else?



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