Re: Need help please have issues with connecting to 1999

Vince Pimentel

Yep, looks good.


exten => ${NODE},1,rpt,${NODE}

exten => ${NODE1},1,rpt,${NODE1}

The auto connect on boot works fine and that is done via macro *31999 in rpt.conf so I'm confused as to why it won't connect after a disconnect.

startup_macro = *31999

I've also searched through the logs for 1999 and the only relevant lines that come back are 

/var/log/asterisk/messages.1:[Jan 28 18:51:19] NOTICE[480] app_rpt.c: Normal Repeater Init  1999    

/var/log/asterisk/messages.1:[Jan 28 20:01:16] NOTICE[480] app_rpt.c: Normal Repeater Init  1999    


/var/log/asterisk/messages.1:[Jan 29 02:30:16] NOTICE[481] app_rpt.c: Normal Repeater Init  1999

Which seem to be normal for boot.


Welp, I just tried to connect to it again to see if I could get anything to show in the logs that would easier to find and it worked. Disconnected and reconnected like 5 times with success. No file changes, reboots or anything like that.


Thanks for the replies and help but it's a mystery still. Will see if I can learn anything more if it happens again. Any further thoughts or things to check/confirm are welcome but with it working. We won't be able to confirm that it was a fix.

Until it acts up again.

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