Best Route - TG31550 to XLX273 - limited knowledge

Greg Hovland <greg@...>

I have successfully connected an Allstar node to BMTG31550 using the DVSwitch programs. This is done in the cloud. I have set up XLX273 using XLXD separately in the cloud.

I would now like to add and interconnect between  XLX273A and BM TG31550.  I get through Linux by Google and reading a bunch of forums, but I still consider myself new.  What would be the simplest way for me to add this interconnect?

I do have two AMBE3000 USBs available at home with a Raspberry Pi if needed.

I have seen some instructions laid dated 2019 and new ones for 2020 in this group. I'm wondering if things have changed.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Greg Hovland

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