Re: Allstar <--> DMR & DVSWITCH Was working... #brandmeister #mmdvm_bridge #analog_bridge

Brent Harding

I wonder if they have finally cracked down on all the non-RF modes of getting on? I got a similar issue, but I’ve found it to only happen on group 3100. What happens is that you might get the first transmission, if you are lucky enough to tune in on one, but then they will stop sending traffic to you. Some others on another system I frequent were talking about this the other night. I can still get group 91, Quadnet 31012, or most anything else I’ve tried without issues. If there is something like this going on, how do they identify DVSwitch as opposed to a Pistar or Openspot, or even Dudestar for that matter? Is there a user agent string similar to what our browsers use that MMDVM_Bridge would send to any master we connect to? I suppose losing one talk group stinks, but if they roll this new thing network wide, that will be a hard one.



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You can check if your node is connecting to Brandmeister by logging on to the  home page.  Entering your logon/password (BM password not Hotspot password) and clicking on My Hotspots in the left margin.  I saw that my DMR/Allstarlink/DVSwitch was not connecting and figured out that the hotspot that I use in my home network and DVSwitch were set for the same server.  I changed the hotspot (Zumspot) and it started working again.  One BM server per network makes sense.  Just FYI....     Mark 

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