Re: Transcoding between AMBE+ and AMBE+2


That is an option, but most parts are SMD and construction time is significant. 

I think you can buy as few as 10 pieces of the 3003 and pay before shipment. 

This whole project is to help the community, it is not a high volume or profit item.  (Building them in a professional assembly house and there are project costs.)

If there is not enough interest, it will simply not happen. (Orders will be refunded.)

Currently the order count is a few short but close. 

On Feb 7, 2018 14:00, "JJ Cummings" <cummingsj@...> wrote:
Here is a homebrew project that costs substantially less and has 3 channels:

The killer is the AMBE3003 chip, you have to order them in quantities of 90 from DVSI I have been told.  This would be much more economical thing to build or even have built I would think.


On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 12:23 PM, John D Hays - K7VE <john@...> wrote:
I don't know if this group is aware of the 6 channel AMBE device build that is being planned, based on getting enough orders, see

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