Re: Analog_Bridge to D-Star audio levels

Steve N4IRS

Just to be clear, we are talking about DummyPrepeater to AllStarLink?

DummyRepeater <---> Allstarlink


On 02/11/2018 10:22 AM, Mike Swiatkowski via Groups.Io wrote:
I noticed the source of my problem was setting AUDIO_UNITY on the ASL side in Analog_Bridge.ini.  Unity sounds better but the amplitude is probably 40% of what it needs to be.  Is there any way to bump up that level?  If I set AUDIO_USE_AGC I get the right drive level but the audio quality is a little less smooth.  I also experimented with AUDIO_USE_GAIN and that is about the same as with AGC interms of audio fidelity.

Question 2:  What  other AMBE interfaces can work with Analog_Bridge besides the ThumbDV from NW Digital?  I wonder if there is a better transcoder out there.

Mike, AA9VI

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