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Peter M0NWI

Agreed Steve, but I suppose I'm coming from a network to network solution thinking.
MMDVM protocol works well for a more personal to TG solution.

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There are a LOT of politics in the discussion of OpenBridge vs HB (MMDVM) I can tell you when we worked with Cort on the Python implementation, it was envisioned as a mult-TG bridge solution. BM has always had a problem with HB. I really don't see a issue with a single reflector mode (P25, NXDN, YSF, ASL) using HB to connect to a Master. It is BM's sandbox and that's the way they want it. As of today, DVSwitch does not support OB nor the BM preferred connection from a Mobile device. In the case of Mobile that may be changing as we complete Simple Terminal Feature Update.

For OpenBridge, I suggest people wanting to bridge to BM start reading up on OB. Unlike HB, OB requires you coordinate with the Master to setup your connection. If that Master goes down you can not just move to a different Master. Before I start getting a bunch of flack about why move to OB, I'll say it again, it's BM's sandbox.

Steve N4IRS 

On 2/9/2021 2:29 PM, Peter M0NWI wrote:
Have a Google, it's the network to network protocol, which you can pass concurrent channels of TGs down then split them out using the confbridge rules at you network end.  It's quite efficient and the right way to link. 

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What's openbridge?



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