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Randy AA6RH

On Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 11:43 AM, Steve N4IRS wrote:
There are a LOT of politics in the discussion of OpenBridge vs HB (MMDVM) I can tell you when we worked with Cort on the Python implementation, it was envisioned as a mult-TG bridge solution. BM has always had a problem with HB. I really don't see a issue with a single reflector mode (P25, NXDN, YSF, ASL) using HB to connect to a Master. It is BM's sandbox and that's the way they want it. As of today, DVSwitch does not support OB nor the BM preferred connection from a Mobile device. In the case of Mobile that may be changing as we complete Simple Terminal Feature Update.
And to amplify what Steve says here, we've been dealing with this for a lot longer over in HBLink (seeing as that was mostly Cort's work that I'm looking after now).

BM can run their network the way they want, and they've been very vocal about how they want connections into their network to function. The fact that they are blacklisting certain peer types is no surprise to me whatsoever.

The good news is that there's no reason really to panic (other than the fact that it will probably take you more than a day to sort this out). If you're interested in continuing to use BM's network, open a support ticket to set up a bridge and specify that it will be OpenBridge.

I get the feeling that they are funneling everyone that direction for a reason, but I don't know exactly what that reason is. What I will say is that once you do get OpenBridge working with them, your connection will probably perform better overall. I'm sure that there will be someone who will contradict that statement, so I will also say that YMMV and to always be on the lookout for a backup plan to the backup plan.

I'll be over the HBLink forum if you need me.

Randy Hall AA6RH (not K7AGE, quit asking) 😁

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