Re: Brandmeister block DVSwitch

Pierre Martel

But still if you ask for an open bridge link you will have it. 

Is that so complicated? Unless you are doing something that is not wanted by the BM group, why try to hide behind a fake repeater connection?

I am doing a link to Brandmeister Canada to Allstarlink and Hamshack Hotline right now, I will follow the rules and on HH I asked for an HHX link (experimental) on Allstarlink they don't have rules to prevent linking to other networks that I know of, So I only requested a Node number and properly identified it. And on Brandmeister I talked to the admin on the Canadian server and he agreed to my project.  Took a whole 30 minute total to deal with this if all the action was put back to back. 

Not a lot of red tape imho. 

If there are rules like that it is because some users don't know what they are doing and create loops between networks. And that causes problems to the stability of the nets. BM is only protecting the networks they worked hard to put in place. 


Le mar. 9 févr. 2021 à 16:05, R. H. <ruediger.h@...> a écrit :
Sorry ... little Mistake ... open terminal protocol is that was Brandmeister want

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