Re: Analog_Bridge to D-Star audio levels

Steven Blackford

Hey Mike,
    Hope things are going well.  What happened w/ the audio levels from when we initially setup your bridge?  I've setup various different bridges & the only time I've had to modify the audio levels was when going from ASL<->DMR.  That did take a while to get the audio level set.   Post your current Analog_Bridge.ini file & we can start then start modifying it to bring the levels to what you need.  You just need to do it in small increments & test it.  

As far as different AMBE devices goes, you can use the PIDV, ThumbDV for the DMR side of things and you can also use them for D-Star along w/ the original Blue DV-Dongle as well.  I use a PIDV and a DV-Dongle for my DStar<->DMR bridge.  PIDV's are great because you don't have the USB issues to deal with on PI's, but they're hard to come by these days.

73 de K4SQI.

Steve, K4SQI

On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 10:22 AM, Mike Swiatkowski via Groups.Io <mjswiatk@...> wrote:
I noticed the source of my problem was setting AUDIO_UNITY on the ASL side in Analog_Bridge.ini.  Unity sounds better but the amplitude is probably 40% of what it needs to be.  Is there any way to bump up that level?  If I set AUDIO_USE_AGC I get the right drive level but the audio quality is a little less smooth.  I also experimented with AUDIO_USE_GAIN and that is about the same as with AGC interms of audio fidelity.

Question 2:  What  other AMBE interfaces can work with Analog_Bridge besides the ThumbDV from NW Digital?  I wonder if there is a better transcoder out there.

Mike, AA9VI

Steve, kb7sqi@...

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