Re: ASL to DMR Bridge Installation Prob.

Patrick Perdue

Sorry, I should clarify... I want to build a radio-less node in the sense that there is a fob with a microphone and output connected, which incorporates DVSwitch Server.

On 2/14/2021 9:11 AM, Patrick Perdue via wrote:

I don't mean to hijack the thread, though this is somewhat related.

I know there were problems with ASL on Buster with sound in the past. Was this ever addressed, or is Buster only good as an ASL hub with no connected hardware?

I want to build a radio-less node incorporating ASL and DVSwitch Server. Is it still recommended to use the old ASL Stretch image and install DVSwitch Server on top of that, or should Buster be used now?

On 2/14/2021 8:57 AM, Steve N4IRS wrote:
Those instructions are outdated. Try this:

Download and install Raspbian Buster for the raspberry Pi
Do the following as root (sudo -s)

Make sure you install is up to date
     apt update
    apt upgrade
    if updates were installed, reboot

Add the dvswitch repository
    chmod +x buster

Make sure you have added the repository
    apt update
    look for "deb hamradio" in the output

Verify programs are now installable

apt install dvswitch-server --dry-run
    any errors reported?

apt install allstar --dry-run
    any errors reported?

Install AllStar first
     apt install allstar
    errors? stop and ask
    AllStar working?
    asterisk -r to login to the asterisk cli to check
    use asl-menu to do basic configuration

Install DVSwitch Server
    apt install dvswitch-server
    errors? stop and ask
    logout and back in, or reboot
    run the dvs menu to configure DVSwitch Server
        When asked for the USRP port, take the default (Just hit enter)

Configure AllStar and DVSwitch Server to taste.

Take your time, read the screen. If you get a error, stop, capture the error and past into a e-mail.

Configure DVSwitch Server to taste.
This guide will help you <>


On 2/13/21 9:11 PM, steve@... wrote:
Followed these instructions to the letter:
Get to the part where I install dvswitch & come up with this error:
Setting up mmdvm-bridge (1.5-20200427-24) ...
Error, APRS_Hosts.txt file does not seem to be valid
dpkg: error processing package mmdvm-bridge (--configure):
 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 251
Errors were encountered while processing:
The contents of APRS_HOSTS.txt are as follows:
; APRS_Hosts.txt downloaded from^M
; File created at Thursday 4th of Feb 2021 7:00 PM^M;Universal connection for Global Loadbalance^M;Universal connection for servers in North America^M;Universal connection for servers in South America^M;Universal connection for servers in Europe and Africa^M;Universal connection for servers in Asia^M;Universal connection for servers in Oceania^M
I’ve started fresh from the ground up & always dead-end with this error.  Any ideas?
Much thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.

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