Re: ASl <>AB<>MB<>DMR

Steve N4IRS

No, you do not HAVE to use a private node number for the bridge. In a up and running AllStar node, the public node may be connected to a radio, there you would need a node number for the bridge.

Steve N4IRS

On 2/14/21 12:53 PM, Steve Siesel [K4KSA] wrote:

I have a question for the group:


I am updating my ASL to DMR raspberry Pi to a beta version from


In my old configuration I had a private node of 1999. I see there has  been discussion of private nodes recently. Do you need one anymore. A friend who has ASL<>AB<>MB Shared with me his rpt.conf and it does not use a private node. Is there a purpose for a private node? This is my second install as I could not get ASL to talk to AB. Obviously the partners have been upgraded and things do look a little different. I am using md380-emu and not a DV3000. Any help would be appreciated. Stayed up late last night working on it, but started from scratch this morning.





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