Re: Analog_Bridge to D-Star audio levels

Steven Blackford

Hey Mike,
   Just to follow up on using ThumbDV's with the XLXD software.  Like I told you in chat, I've setup a few of these now.  They work great & have been rock solid using the 1.1 version of the AMBED server software.  I've had lots of issues w/ dropouts on the 1.3 version.  I also modified the latency in the 1.1/1.3 versions to try to cut down on the issues.  That' makes all the difference in the world on the 1.1 version.  The default value is 4, drop it down to 1 & I haven't had any issues at all.  If you need more info about that, let me know.  I will say that as far as doing the DMR<->D-Star bridge either setup works.  Using the Analog_Bridge, HB_Bridge, Dummy Repeater is the most flexible way to go.  It allows you to changes things on the fly pretty quickly.  Twice a week normally I swap the "Carolina Link" from it's home on XLXD054B over to REF054C/REF061C for a couple of nets.  With the XLXD reflector I have setup, I can't do that, but I do have a full time interlink from the BM Network on that & it works great after making the changes noted above.   I've had better luck setting the XLXD transcoding system  on an X64 system also.    I know a few people running them on PI3's & have good luck.  The last one I helped setup, we even used a powered USB Hub & had issues w/ it being reliable.  Just my $0.02. :-)  Hope that helps.  73 de K4SQI.

Steve, K4SQI

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 9:21 AM, Mike Swiatkowski via Groups.Io <mjswiatk@...> wrote:
Steve,It's used quite a bit more than you think.  You don't have to look that hard on google or Yahoo to find examples.  There is no easy way to go from DMR to D-Star so Analog_bridge is used.  I guess you could use XLX these days and maybe that's another option.

Steve, kb7sqi@...

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