Re: Analog_Bridge to D-Star audio levels

Steve N4IRS

A little history for you. Mike, N4IRR and I discovered the work Cort did on DMRLink a few years ago. We quickly realized that it could be leveraged to connect a c-Bridge to AllStarLink. We forked DMRlink and created DMRGateway. So as to not require any changes to AllStarLink, we decided to re-purpose the chan_usrp channel driver. We had a working DMR to AllStarLink gateway. Somewhere around that time, Cort invited us to work directly on DMRLink and later HBlink. When it came time to add the same capability to HBlink we decided to slightly modify the connectivity approach. Each "Network" would get a connectivity Partner. We had DMRlink (IPSC), HBlink (HB) and AllStarLink (analog) A new naming convention was in order. So we renamed DMRGateway to Analog_Bridge and added IPSC_Bridge and HB_Bridge.
As a side note, days after we renamed to Analog_Bridge, G4KLX released DMRGateway for use by MMDVMHost.

One of the things I was asked for a LOT was a replacement for the AllStarLink chan_dstar channel driver. We decided "why recreate the wheel?" We knew DummyRepeater and ircDDBGateway from G4KLX did everything we needed to connect to D-Star. It output and input analog audio. Why not just modify DummyRepeater to use analog audio in a format that AllStarLink could use? So, the modification to DummyRepeater does just that, it uses the USRP formatted PCM. A simple AllStarLink to D-Star bridge just uses DummyRepeater and AllStarLink. Analog_Bridge is not used in that configuration. Along the same lines a bridges to YSF and P25 are working now. The P25Bridge test is in daily use on BM TG 31665 and P25 TG 31665.

All of these things are built on the same premise that Cort defined, "We don't build networks, we build tools to build networks" All of these pieces are mix and match. Pick what you want to connect to and choose that partner. Nothing is built in a vacuum. Without the work of Cort, Jonathan and others, we would have nothing to connect to.

So yes, I think I know how Analog_Bridge is used.

73, Steve N4IRS      

On 2/13/2018 9:21 AM, Mike Swiatkowski via Groups.Io wrote:
Steve,It's used quite a bit more than you think.  You don't have to look that hard on google or Yahoo to find examples.  There is no easy way to go from DMR to D-Star so Analog_bridge is used.  I guess you could use XLX these days and maybe that's another option.

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