ASL - Analog - HB Bridge help please

F1TZO - Michel

Hi Steve and all

I write from France, so please, sorry for my English ;-)

So, I try to make working ASL <-> Analog_Bridge <-> HB_Bridge  to link Echolink with DMR.
I installed ASL in a VM and Analog_Brige + HB_Bridge in an other VM.
I have a Raspi with a DV3000U and AMBEserver running
And I have a MMDVM Hotspot connected on the HB_Bridge in DMR

After looking a lot the messages in the group, I made the configurations and the results are :
- MMDVM Hostspot is connected on HB_Bridge : OK
- ASL + HB_Bridge + Analog_bridge are started
- DMR to ASL : OK sound's good
- ASL to DMR : Nothing, no TX, no log in Analog_bridge
I don't see any error in the logs.

So .... I need help ;-) and when it'll work, I have to find how connect this to BM ....

Here are my config files in attach.

Thanks for your works and your help


Michel - F1TZO

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