Re: ASL - Analog - HB Bridge help please

Steve N4IRS

In Analog_Bridge.ini you have this in the AMBE_Audio section:
gatewayDmrId = 2088012        ; ID to use when transmitting from Analog_Bridge
repeaterID = 2088012        ; ID of source repeater

gatewayDmrid is the ID that will display on the DMR radio when someone transmits from analog
repeaterID is the DMR ID of the repeater the signal is coming from.
Thay can not be the same. If you have a real DMR repeater ID, use it. Otherwise, add a 1 to your repeaterID so that it is 12088012

73, Steve N4IRS

On 02/13/2018 06:57 PM, F1TZO - Michel wrote:
Hi Steve and all

I write from France, so please, sorry for my English ;-)

So, I try to make working ASL <-> Analog_Bridge <-> HB_Bridge  to link Echolink with DMR.
I installed ASL in a VM and Analog_Brige + HB_Bridge in an other VM.
I have a Raspi with a DV3000U and AMBEserver running
And I have a MMDVM Hotspot connected on the HB_Bridge in DMR

After looking a lot the messages in the group, I made the configurations and the results are :
- MMDVM Hostspot is connected on HB_Bridge : OK
- ASL + HB_Bridge + Analog_bridge are started
- DMR to ASL : OK sound's good
- ASL to DMR : Nothing, no TX, no log in Analog_bridge
I don't see any error in the logs.

So .... I need help ;-) and when it'll work, I have to find how connect this to BM ....

Here are my config files in attach.

Thanks for your works and your help


Michel - F1TZO

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