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Steve N4IRS


On 2/15/21 10:49 PM, Tom wrote:
I'm starting on a new DMR-AB to replace that old one from 5 years ago. I have ASL installed and prepped for the AB/MMDVMB/. . .  I pllan to reuse the DV3000 AMBE Pi hat instead of MD380 emulation. I have three questions at this point:
1) What do I need to do in the installation to opt for the DV3000, and to have it communicate with AB?
It in AB.ini
; Information for DV3000 hardware decoder
;   There are two configuration modes: IP (AMBEServer) and serial (direct connect hardware)
;   Use top server and port if using AMBEServer
;   Use bottom server/port and serial = true if using the DV3000u (thumbdv)
;   Did you run before using this?
address =                   ; IP address of AMBEServer
rxPort = 2460                         ; Port of AMBEServer
; address = /dev/ttyUSB0              ; Device of DV3000U on this machine
; baud = 460800                       ; Baud rate of the dongle (230400 or 460800)
; serial = true                       ; Use serial=true for direct connect or serial=false for AMBEServer

2) I want to maintain the c-bridge communications capability on this new build.  How does HBLink fit into the inter-module communications scheme?
HBLink does not communicate with c-Bridge it's MMDVM / OpenBridge connectivity only You need DMRlink (IPSC_Bridge and HB_Bridge (or MMDVM_Bridge)
3) Is there a repo installation for HBLink?

Tom / K5TRA

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