DVSwitch Dashboard

Peter Buckley

Steve etal - got your new image file working.

Just using the DMR <---> Allstar gateway only.  Rpi3 has no Radio attached.

Please see attached JPG.
Re:  RX Monitor on DVSwitch Dashboard

Audio works from web page when I'm on the same IP Subnet.
Q.)  What TCP? UDP Ports do I need to forward at my Firewall so I can hear the audio when I'm at a remote location.

Second Q.)  Please see attached JPG -
Re:  Gateway Activity and Target
Q.)  I have no clue where DVSwitch Dashboard is getting the WB2QGZ call.  What config file is this coming from?
I have a simple setup - BM/TG 31085 and Allstar connection to 45479 (this is working)
Thanks to all.
Great work on that new image file, Steve.
73s  -pete  N0ECT

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