Re: DVSwitch Dashboard

Peter Buckley


With your help got the "connect to Allstar node at boot time" working.

Edits only needed inside  rpt.conf
(below what is working for me now)

startup_macro_delay=20      ;this turns out to be very important
startup_macro = *52

2=*7345479#      ;this is what I added  trying to get my Allstar 46141 to connect to Node 45479
;1 = *32011#
;2 = *12001*12011*12043*12040*12050*12060*12009*12002*12003*12004*1113*12030#
;3 = *32001*32011*32050*32030*32060#

In rpt.conf  under    ; Mandatory Command Codes   ;I added

73= ilink,13      ;this is intended to be a permanent connection

The trick above prevents me from (at boot time)
Having to login as  dvswitch
Then run   sudo als-menu
The go to:  5 in the Menu   (ASL Asterisk CLI)
then type     CLI*>    rpt fun 46141 *345479

Thanks!   73s

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