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Steve Siesel [K4KSA]

That didn’t work for any of the partners…Think I will re-install the OS and start from the beginning!




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Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2021 8:24 PM
Subject: Re: [DVSwitch] DVSwitch Server


apt purge analog-bridge
Then remove /opt/Analog_Bridge is it still exists.
Then look at /var/apt/cache/apt/archives Look for analog-bridge_1.6.... Delete it.
apt update
apt install analog-bridge

On 2/17/21 8:17 PM, Steve Siesel [K4KSA] wrote:



On my new Vultr server I have ASL running and had DVSwitch-server. I thought something was wrong so in removed it. Upon re-install all of the files did not populate. Here is a sample of the Analog_Bridge directory:



Missing is Analog_Bridge.ini and dvsm.macro. The other directories are similar in missing the .ini files.


I’ve tried apt-get update –fix-missing and apt install dvswitch-server –f


Any thoughts?







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