IPSC_Bridge<->HB_Bridge on VirMach VPS Question


Has anyone by chance managed to get IPSC_Bridge<->HB_Bridge to run on a VirMach VPS (Elite+ LITE Package) with Debian 9 OS?

I have tried on and off for more than a year to try to get it to work.  Prior to moving the system to the VPS I bench tested it on a RPi running Debian 9 and it worked fine.

I set it up on the VPS, everything runs with no complaints BUT the dmrlink & hblink to not "talk" to one another.  Thinking as I always do... I wonder what I did wrong because the machine is never at fault it is always the human... right?

To prove myself wrong I took the exact same configuration and installed it on a different system, in this case a VM also running Debian 9 and it works fine.  I even replicated the bridge 5 times for different connections and they all have worked flawlessly for over a year.

The VirMach VPS is their low end service, the lowest end service Value+ LITE did not have enough memory (512MB) to load so I bumped up to the Elite+ LITE (1GB) and everything loads fine.

What appears to be the problem is that the internal in IPSC_Bridge fromGatewayPort = 31000 & toGatewayPort = 31003 don't communicate with HB_Bridge ports fromGatewayPort = 31003 & toGatewayPort = 31000

Since the exact same configuration works fine on other systems it would appear that the problem is somewhere in the architecture of the VPS.

Anyone have any ideas or been successful using VirMach for bridging?


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