Re: after 3 days of searching, I give up. need help #mmdvm_bridge #analog_bridge

Pierre Martel

after playing again and again, I decided to redo the rpt, module and iax conf files on the asterisk side. 

it all started to work. 

Now I will have to do some compare of those files to understand what went wrong at first. 

luckily notepad++ will do the compare job easy. 

Le sam. 20 févr. 2021 à 12:21, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> a écrit :
When traffic passes in either direction it is reflected in the logs. I would look there for clues.

On 2/20/21 12:15 PM, Pierre Martel wrote:
I have a vps that run both allstarlink and dvswitch the install went well and I was able to connect to asl did a link to Hamshack Hotline and all is working. I also have a iaxrpt connection and I can communicate with both asl and HH 
The usrp driver is loaded and my rpt.conf is pretty minimal.  From the dvswitch dashboard I can see that I am connected to the dmr server I want and I have a TG linked. 

If someone talk on DMR I can ear it on asl, iaxrpt and HH and on the dashboard. But the inverse is not true.

rxchannel = USRP/
duplex = 0                              
linktolink = no
linkmongain = 0
erxgain = -3
etxgain = 3
eannmode = 2                          
context = radio
callerid = "Repeater" <53753>
accountcode = RADIO                     
totime = 3000000000
idrecording = |ie
idtalkover = |ie                         
holdofftelem = 0
telemdefault = 0                        
telemdynamic = 0                      
parrotmode = 0
parrottime = 1000
53753 = radio@....0.1:4569/53753,NONE ; This must be changed to your node number

I see not error on any of the dvswitch service. 

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