pyUC Client Installation issue


Hi Steve,

I am running Mint 18.3 because that is the last version that can run Allstar's Web Transceiver.  I don't think I'd have a problem if I was running Mint 19 or 20.  They have an more recent version of python from what I understand.

Initially I installed the pyUC Client per pages B-4 & B-5 in the 45 page Installation and User Guide.  I got a 'bs4' module not found error.  Mint 18.3's contains python3.5.  I found where I could install bs4 with the command sudo apt-get install bs4.  After doing that the pyUC Client popped on the screen along with a terminal screen behind it scrolling the following error message:

(the date and time every second plus) - TX thread:read() got an unexpected keyword argument 'exception-on overflow;

I was able to hear very good audio from my Logitech USB headset while connected to 91 World Wide.   However I could not transmit.  Mint 18.3 nor the pyUC Client did not see/recognize the TX microphone in the headset.

Is there a fix for this?

Jerry Long, KB3OIL

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