Re: pyUC Client Installation issue


Hi Ken,
Thanks for another reply.  I've looked for a way to make ALSA my default rather than Pulse and not found it.  Sometimes looking for Web help on Linux is painful.  You get lots of different suggestions, some involving pages of code, conflicting suggestions, or lots of stuff that others say doesn't work, etc.  I just don't know enough about Linux to figure out what I should be doing.  However, I have read Steve's message about hUC running through HTML.  That seems like it's going to be the path of the least resistance for now.  Hurrah to Steve N4IRS and others that are putting all this wonderful software together.

I also have been looking inside for an answer.  There seems to be an answer somewhere in their code.   I don't know if you've ventured inside that one or the pyUC.ini file.  The comments following the code are very well documented and are clear enough to understand.  What I'd really like to do is take a look inside the installed 'python-pyaudio' file, but I couldn't find where it is hidden. 

Oh well, I'm waiting for the hUC.  Thanks for your help.

Jerry, KB3OIL

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