Re: pyUC Client Installation issue

Ed Liddle

I installed it on Ubuntu and ran into the same problem. This should help with mint.

If you’re using a recent version of Debian or Ubuntu Linux, you can install Beautiful Soup with the system package manager:

$ apt-get install python-bs4 (for Python 2)

$ apt-get install python3-bs4 (for Python 3)



On Thu, Feb 25, 2021, 18:09 Mike Zingman - N4IRR <mike.zingman@...> wrote:
All python code is open source. The pyaudio module witten in C /C++ is on git. Sorry I do not have the link on hand. When pyaudio was written ALSA was the standard audio subsystem. But many distros have moved on. 

A quick Google search finds a pyaudio alternative as:
But I have not looked into it as a replacement. 


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