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Excellent idea Steve.  Telegram is a great medium for this sort of troubleshooting.  It's much easier for those experiencing issues as well.

On 27/2/21 1:40 am, Steve N4IRS wrote:
We have been aware that some of the support e-mails have caused so very large threads with short messages back and forth as I have worked to help a user through a problem. Some users who are subscribed to individual e-mails have been spamed by this and have unsubscribed. Digest subscription will solve this. I have not wanted to move this traffic to private e-mail since the purpose of is to provide a place where people can find similar issues and resolve them. Going to private e-mail removes the resolution from the forum.

So, we are going to try something different. We have a Telegram group setup Telegram to try to move some of the quick back and forth off I will post the resolution on once we have a resolution.  To keep from having the Telegram room spammed by bots and people, we have implemented a system where you must verify you are a ham to join the room. This is a bot created by Vladimir AC2F and I must say, it's pretty cool. The invite link is Join DVSwitch Telegram group You must be a telegram user to join. There are quite a few ham related rooms. Join us. 

Steve N4IRS

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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