Re: Reliable Transcoding with Brandmeister DMR - Who and How?


I should have mentioned that my transcoding is all local. It's a DVStick33 + DVStick30 on the local system. Currently it's connected to an ambed process. I'm on B3103 and currently, everything is being handled within xlxd (DSTAR, YSF, and DMR all in xlxd). I've taken several runs at MMDVM_Bridge/DVSwitch with YSFGateway and DMRGateway without success. I just don't understand why it's always a DMR stream that causes the hiccup. I was wondering if anyone is keeping DMR "at a distance". Wasn't sure if HBlink could handle that. I've wanted to add analog to Allstar, but I've got to get this working reliably before I try to add another piece.

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