Re: USRP Ports

Steve N4IRS

It's not you. I needed to make sure what you were after. So, the answer is yes. You can build a server that has access to the digital modes. Those modes can be accessed from AllStar and DVSM. Think of it this way, you will have one digital node. That node is accessible from both AllStar and DVSM. As an added bonus if you call today (joke) you can also access the server from a web browser. The digital node is a shared resource. If AllStar tunes over to DMR TG 3166 then DVSM and HTML client are also tuned there. Another bonus is you can have full access to the AllStar node from DVSM or the HTML client. If you want to connect the AllStar node to node 2100, you can from DVSM or HTML. You will have the DVSwitch Dashboard with the RX Monitor. You can add Allmon2. I have not tested SuperMon. Here are the things you can't do:

If in the cloud, you should not use D-Star
If on a hardware host, you can not connect a radio. (well maybe)

So, cloud or hardware? Radio or not?

Steve N4IRS

On 3/3/2021 1:16 PM, Ed W8VT wrote:
That would be kind of cool, mainly as an easy way to control it. I ran it for several years just locked down to one DMR TG and we would connect to the private ASL node when needed. Being able to use the phone app would really expand the capabilities. Sorry for not articulating my question very well.

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