Re: USRP Ports

Steve N4IRS

Since it's a Pi and you have it at home. Here is what I would like you to do.
Download this image <>
Burn it to an SD card and boot it in your RPi
The login is dvswitch and the password is dvswitch
Once logged in:
apt update
apt upgrade
If updates were applied, reboot

login as dvswitch
Setup the DVswitch Server
type dvs
Here is a link to the documentation <>
You can test with DVSM
All good?

Now Configure AllStar. You can use the asl-menu (I can't say if it works or not.)
Or manual configure the node.
You should not need a private node.
Configure the public node using the chan_usrp
You can again use DVSM to test (in IAX mode)

Let me know and we will add Analog_Reflector.


On 3/3/2021 1:55 PM, Ed W8VT wrote:
That's great! How do I accomplish this? How do I get AB to talk to ASL and DVSM? Hence my original confused question about ports.
This system is a Pi3 with DV3000 and the private radioless node connects to my other node. Thanks Steve.

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