Re: Reliable Transcoding with Brandmeister DMR - Who and How?


All of the functions are on the same system. XLXD is bound to the public IP of the system and ambed is running on All inbound connections for D-STAR, DMR, and YSF come in to the XLX330 IP address.

Ambed <------> XLXD <---------> BM 3103 <> TG311070
                  +-----> UDP/42000 as YSF #83603
                  +-----> UDP/20001,30001,etc as D-STAR XRF330/DCS330/XLX330

I've started to look into using hblink3 between XLXD and BrandMeister. BM connection would be an OpenBridge to hblink3 and then DMR on TS2/TG9 <> XLX:4001. Not having much success so far.

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