Re: DVSwitch and MMDVM_Bridge update via Repository (stretch)

Steve N4IRS

I would first backup your data before you attempt this. I can not promise everything will go well.

in /etc/apt/sources.list.d you will find a file named allstarlink.list or dvswitch.list. There should only be one file.
replace all occurrences of the word stretch with buster
save the file
apt update
apt upgrade

if you have a problem I suggest you use the new DVSwitch Image for the RPI and either eit the files or use the dvs menu. The dvs menu is very easy to get a server running and upgradeable in the future.

Steve N4IRS

On 3/4/21 6:52 PM, David via wrote:
Dear All
i had install DVswitch and MMDVM_Bridge via Repository on 2019 ,now i want to want to upgrade them to last version after apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade 
it sill no new version on  Repository (stretch) ,so please tell me how can i do this upgrade 

i still in stretch .thanks 

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