DVSwitch server not linked anymore #analog_bridge



yesterday I installed the Analog Reflector and everything was working great.
Today I could communicate whit a other Ham station that was added to the user directory.
I changed the talk group list and this was working fine I thought.
But I did not see any activity on the brandmeister server.
I took a screenshot of the dashboard of the DVSwitch server.

As you can see it is not linked in the modes.
In the Monit service manger everything is green, also if I click on the DVSwitch server link.
The Reflector as you can see below is working fine.

Settings that I have made.
  • DMR ID 2045160
  • abAddress (local adres of the server)
  • usrpTxPort and usrpRxPort 50100
  • mobilePort 50000
  • wsPort 443
The Analog reflector is working but the Analog bridge is not linked to one of the modes.
I can connect with DVSwitch mobile on android whit the use of my external IP adres I have from the ISP.
I can select a talk group but no connection. 
It seems the DVSwitch server has a internet connection.
I did an update and checked all the settings in the DVS menu.
Aso the pasword is correct. If you need some extra information let me no.
I can manage myself in Linux whit the basic commands.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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