DStar connection to XLX reflector

Patrick Perdue


I've been using DVSwitch for nearly two years, but have never needed to care about DStar until now. I have previously connected my system to XLX via DMR, but now I want to have a second DVSwitch instance  and a ThumbDV do the ambe translation for the system in combination with analog reflector instead of my XLX reflector to get the middle man out of the way between Allstar and DStar.

I am a bit unclear as to the syntax of Analog_Bridge.ini for a static route to my XLX reflector via ircddbgateway.

I have disabled all modes except D-Star in MMDVM_Bridge, and have changed ambeMode = DSTAR. What should I use in Analog_Bridge to link to a specific XLX reflector/module of that reflector? It seems that ircddbgateway comes with xlx support enabled by default, pointing to a hosts file. Just not sure how to tune it.

I've never actually seen a working example of a static DStar bridge. At this point, I've done just about everything else but that.

Feeling a little bit dumb tonight.

Thanks and 73



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