Re: Monit stopped working, checking DVstick 30 is being used

David J Taylor

On 07/03/2021 08:33, Ernie Gm7kbk wrote:
Quickest way to see if its working is to look at the Dvstick.  Constant light will appear on Tx.
Or start AB in a window and watch the log. There will be a line saying using hardware.
Many thanks, Ernie.

I'm a little out of my depth here! Lack of knowledge on this arrangement.

I don't see any LEDs glowing on the DVstick30 at all, but it's not often in transmit mode. Is the DVstick used in DMR etc. or just in D-STAR?

I don't know how to start the AB from the command-line, so that I can watch the log. If I use the dashboard and hover over the AB info I see:

address: /dev/ttyAMA0
rxPort: 2460
serial: true

However I already have a GPS device which is on AMA0. Shouldn't that be USB0, and if so, how do I correct? I /thought/ I'd selected USB in the configuration screen.

There are other questions but let's get this resolved first!

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